Catching Up On Correspondence, Finale

In Soviet Russia, Happiness Pursue YOU.

In Soviet Russia, Happiness Pursue YOU.

So the notorious Drew Merrill took me to task in the comments yesterday for using the term “Third World,” and furthermore for implying the term applied to Mexico.  My apologies to anyone’s offended sensibilities.  If you really think about it, the world system was backwards anyway.  The not-so-called third world is generally more in touch with earlier modes of living, so really as a nation goes from developing to developed it’s leaving a first world, embracing the second world (modernism) to follow the example of the third world, which is actually the gaggle of regional, continental, hemispheric, and global hegemonic powers that at the top tier are generally categorized as the developed and ‘great power’ nations. And if we score a level up, who knows what World 4 will look like.

Anyway I felt like that long post yesterday came off a little more negative than I intended, so I thought I’d throw out a couple links that are more level-headed and optimistic, and less bombastic hyperbole.

First up, a short article from TNR that I found via Andrew Sullivan that lays out what are, to my mind, the major long-term political benefits of Obama’s ambitious agenda. But more important than that is the nervous Nobel-winning Paul Krugman, whose column praising the budget as “budgeting we can believe in” stands in stark contrast to his constant warnings that the stimulus bill was not enough and the bank bailouts are bullshit, and is a great elixir for all of the risks and moderated expectations I expressed yesterday.

On that note, I’m pretty blogged out from these long-ass political posts, so I’ll be back in a couple days.


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