Lost, “LaFleur” Review

Seriously, fuck Kate. Juliet and Sawyer finally get solid lead material in a script, the actors kick all sorts of ass playing it, and then this stupid immature drama queen shows up for a smash cut to the title card that was deeply anti-climactic.  The thing here is that Kate shouldn’t be with anybody, because she hasn’t taken any responsibility for herself yet, never mind being able to form an adult connection with another person. Obviously seeing her would stir up old feelings for James “LaFleur” Ford, but I’m just going to pretend that he will return to his mature, good-influence girlfriend, discuss it honestly, and move on to better plotlines.  Yeah, right.

Anyway, that being said, this episode was incredibly satisfying.  Being in the DHARMA era is so rich with possibilities that every scene was compelling. Sawyer dropping some time-travel on Alpert and testing Horace with info about the Black Rock were great; Faraday’s breakdown was excellent (loved his insistence that he WON’T fulfill Charlotte’s prophesy about his warning); thought all the Sawyer/Juliet scenes were very tightly written; did I mention the enormous teasing shot of the statue?? The Egyptian elements of the Island’s ancient past are popping up as teases now in ways they haven’t since the glyphs on the Hatch timer and the four-toed foot were first revealed in Season 2.  Also, the line of the night has to go to “Thanks anyway, Plato.”


The fact that Juliet could deliver a baby on the Island in the 70s only adds more evidence to my theory that Ben’s leadership is the cause of the fertility problems.  How long do you think before we see Little Boy Ben?

Speaking of Mr. Linus, from the available evidence it sure seems like he and the Flight 316 crew are in 2008 and not 1977.  How will these two timelines interact and what’s the purpose of the split?  We know that the Others were immune to the time-skipping, so they’re in 2008 with Locke, Ben, and the gang.  Will Locke and Ben be begrudging partners in a search for Richard Alpert and/or Jacob (and/or answers)?

I have this idea that next time we see Rose & Bernard they’ll be Others.  They’re stranded in the ’70s too and we haven’t seen them at all. It sure doesn’t look like DHARMA found them, but whose to say Richard won’t?

We saw or heard references to the heydey versions of the Pearl, the Flame, and the Arrow stations tonight.  Whither news of the Swan?  My big theory about the end of Season 5 is that the group of time travelers somehow causes the Incident, referred to in the Swan Orientation video, that led to the building of the button and the 108 minute countdown. Time will tell.


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