The Office “New Boss” Review

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that ending.  I dd figure that Idris Elba’s character would eventually lead to Michael leaving the company, but I didn’t think it would escalate so quickly, expecting his departure to be closer to (or take place during) the season finale, and possibly be a firing, so as to shake the show up for season six.  That said, this gives the remainder of season five a serialized plotline, which has been absent since the conclusion of the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle, so no complaints.

The episode itself was funny but nothing groundbreaking. Awkward Jim was probably the highlight, and I enjoyed the bits with the Kelly/Angela rivalry, which I hope continues through the rest of this arc.

But if I keep talking I’m just gonna start geeking out about The Wire because of Idris Elba (why was Stringer wearing Brother Mouzone’s glasses??) so let’s call it a day here, shall we?


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