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This blog recently turned one year old, and despite a couple of month-long “vacations,” I’ve written here pretty consistently in that year, penned a few posts even worth reading, maybe. It feels pretty damn good.  So here’s a couple paragraphs about blogging, in the vein of Andrew Sullivan‘s great article “Why I Blog” or Arianna Huffington v. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show from December.

WHY BLOG AT ALL?  Aside from a few posts like this one, there’s nothing overtly diarist about this site, nary a trace of the Livejournals and Xanga pages of old.   Nonetheless, I think blogging is about personal process as much or more as it is about making your voice heard publicly. I find it very therapeutic.  Because it is public, it pushes me to be more articulate and succinct, to rethink and refine my opinions, to stay engaged, and generally be less self-conscious and more self-aware.  It’s a double-edged sword of course: many, many blogs are inarticulate, unfocused, dogmatic, or deluded, and often in a proudly extroverted way. Hell I can think of lots of posts of mine that fit that description easy. For all of professional journalism’s neuroses, as an institution I understand why it has these quality concerns regarding the blogosphere.

And that, ultimately, is why this site is called Know Better, to keep me focused on the aspirational side of blogging.  After all, I started doing this as an opportunity to better myself, to stop just floating around in my own head and actually mature in the way I handle knowledge.  I don’t actually think I know better than you (although I do know better than YOU, specifically); Know Better is an ongoing mission statement, not a description.

WHAT NEXT?  In the interest of living up to that mission statement, this latest hiatus of mine will come to a close on Sunday, when I’ll be posting my take on President Obama’s 1st 100 days in office, possibly as a series lasting til Wednesday (the 100th day).  Over time this blog has bounced from politics to pop culture and back.  I’m not suddenly going to be pop culture illiterate, but from here out, Know Better will focus more on politics, science, and technology.  I’ll still be writing pop cultural posts, but those will usually go up at CHUD.com with some cross-posting. I’ll be bringing in new design elements as my web skills develop too. Onward and upward.

THANK YOU.  I’d be kinda shocked if anybody is still reading this far into what is a pretty self-indulgent post, but here’s where I say thank you to everybody who actually does read this blog on a semi-regular or even occasional basis, and especially anybody who has commented.  Whatever other idealistic rationales I’ve devised for doing this, there’s nothing nearly as terrifying and rewarding as finding out somebody has actually read what you wrote and has thoughts about it.   On that note, I’ll see y’all Sunday.


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