Current Events in <100 Characters

More in-depth political analysis is coming this week, but for today, I’m just going to reproduce some twitter poetry like a lazy bastard:

Obama’s 1st 100 Days in <100 Characters

Like watching The Wire, seems slow

to start, but given time you realize

its much smarter than you.

The Republican Party in <100 Characters

Like watching 24, seems like an over the top parody of real life,

and given time,

turns out it is.

Bank bailouts in <100 Characters

Just like Star Wars prequels,

we’re paying shitty rich guys to ruin

all of our childhood dreams.

U.S. Torture in <100 Characters

Like The Hills, suggests world

without justice, as morally bankrupt acts

erode Western civilization.

And a fifth blog-only bonus:

Human Impact on the Earth, in <100 Characters

Like LOST, explosive success

had unexpected effect on future plotlines,

and we’re all in suspense.


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