Elegy for the Man Who Was Too Clever By Half

After the debate about MMF threesomes but before the mac & cheese, I discovered a “Poem a Day” book on the kitchen counter while spending some quality time with a few White Lights last night. While the bandmates bandmated I became completely absorbed, having once owned a similar poetry collection that now resides on some musty basement bookcase in the Bettinson family house, and having not written or read much poetry for its own sake since I left that home to forge my own.  But I’ll forgo more flowery prose; short and to the point, I’m compelled to compose.


This deep breath & I

return to center.

Return to sender

the shallow air, where

over-dosed and slight light-headed

I misplaced my savoir faire.

Back to atmosphere I can drink in,

Comfortable in contradiction,

where when I will

I will will well,

and without thinking.


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